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Payitaht Yeniçerileri. Padişahın “Asi” Kulları 1700-1826 74
Saint Jean le Russe : pèlerinage et territorialité 46
Studying Russian Icons in the Balkans 45
Russian Miter of Jerusalem Patriarchs (17th Century) 36
Icons as Marketable Objects 27
Russian Sacred Objects in the Orthodox East 25
Towards Semantic Interoperability in Historical Research 23
The Chronology of the Murals in the Râmeț Monastic Church (Alba County, Romania) Based on a Reevaluation of the Dating of the Narthex Inscription 20
'From the Orthodox Megalopolis of Moscovy of Great Russia': Russian heirlooms from the monastery of Tatarna, Sixteenth-Seventeenth Centuries 16
Russian Icon Marketing in Transylvania as a Means of Political and Social Destabilization 16